About us

Bar Harbor Seafood

Bar Harbor Seafood is dedicated to delivering a full range of live, fresh and frozen seafood items. Our quality is uncompromising and our pricing will be fair. We will deliver what we sell, on time.

All of our products are unconditionally guaranteed at the time of delivery to meet the customer’s standards and specifications. We understand that each customer is unique and may cater to an audience that requires premium, moderate or value products. Each of our product specialists will work to understand each customer’s needs.

Our team members will always be professional and friendly. Attention to detail and serving our customer’s needs is our number one priority.

Located in Orlando’s Central Park, Bar Harbor Seafood operates out of a 41,000 square foot building and prides itself on quality, value and excellence in seafood preparation and sales.

Bar Harbor Seafood

2000 Premier Row,

Orlando, FL 32809

Phone. 407-851-4001